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The SEAS Padre Pio Prayer Circle Story
By Mary Oliva

About 10 years ago, Laura Westbrook, a former parishioner, felt God calling her to lead people to increase in prayer. Because she was having a serious bout of physical problems at the time, she asked God how she was to do this. With prayer and discernment, the Lord led her to the thought of using the internet and email, which was relatively new to us all at the time. She went to Fr Wil and asked about starting a group within the parish. She would do everything, just put her email address in the bulletin and let people contact her. Prayer requests would be sent out, via email, as received to all those in the group. People would know of prayer needs within the parish, our community would be brought together in prayer. Praying for the needs of one another, The Body of Christ would be built up. Fr Wil, ever the Great Asker of, “How’s your prayer life?” said, “Yes!” The Prayer Circle was born!

Gradually the prayer circle grew. New parishioners joined. Old parishioners joined. Even as parishioners moved away, they often remained with the group. After a few years, Laura thought of choosing a patron saint for the prayer circle. She asked for suggestions from the group. Then with a collection of a few saints to choose from, she asked the Circle to vote for a patron. St. Padre Pio was chosen. Afterwards, Laura found out that during his life Padre Pio was supportive of the formation of “prayer cenacles”, which are small groups of people who pray together. Cenacle is a word used for the Upper Room used for the Last Supper.

When Laura was ready to pass the Prayer Circle along to someone else a little over a year ago, I was more than willing to take over. I had subbed for Laura a few times and knew I would love to serve God and our parish by doing this. It takes a few minutes zero to four times each day to send out prayer requests. I especially enjoy sending out Praise updates.

Today, the Prayer Circle has 226 prayer warriors! I think we, together as Christ’s Body in prayer, are powerful. Yet, we always know that God’s will will be done.

I invite you to join us. It is not a forever commitment. But think, if everyone only prays one Hail Mary when seeing an email for the Prayer Circle, 238 Hail Marys have been prayed! So it can be very easy to do.

How’s YOUR prayer life?

“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” – St. Padre Pio


**** Please note: those who do not “do email” for whatever reason can receive written prayer requests via U.S. Postal Service mail by calling the parish office at 859.273.1318.