Chairperson – Dee Jones |

Working with the pastor and development director, members engage the parish to understand and live their lives as Biblical Stewards through prayer, ministry of service and financial participation. The Council nurtures an atmosphere of hospitality that actively invites parishioners to identify their unique gifts and allow opportunities to share them with our community. The Council oversees the work of several subcommittees including: Home Visitor Program, Step by Step Student Stewardship, Kroger Card, Newcomers Committee, and Planned Giving. Members serve a 3-year term and are appointed by the Pastor. New members begin serving in January.

Stewardship Prayer

Generous God,
We give thanks to you for the gifts you have given us –
Our life, our family, our friends –
time, talents, and material possessions.
All that we have comes from you.
Help us to remember this and rejoie in your goodness.

Walk with us, O God.
Help us on our spiritual journey, so that we may
constantly renew our relationship with you
and all the good people in our Parish
and throughout the Diocese of Lexington.

Renew in us your Spirit.
Give us the strength and courage
to become better followers of Jesus, to be disciples.
Help us hear the call to “Come Follow Me.”
We give glory to you, our God, as we make
Stewardship a way of life.